User Experience

User Experience

Improving User Experience based on Customer Centric Approach

The design of user interfaces is both a combination of art and engineering. It is based on the value and importance of the user-centered design process, understanding of the user-centered principles and process related to the target audience. Even though the technology has made huge progress, however, the fundamentals of designs are still based on the customer centric approach.

Innovation is a core competence that drives the most comprehensive solutions. Defining a comprehensive strategy aligns the design process that enhances user interfaces across all components. Implementation of perfect designs requires the perfect bridging of the strategy, user interface and technology.

It is important to understand the business objectives, platform, functionality, navigation, interaction, architectural scheme and data flow. Navigational flow plays a very important role in the implementation of a good user interface. Irrespective of the customer base, the user interface should be designed based on ’10 Second Focus Theory’. An Interaction Model where users have to spend more than 10 seconds to find the next section can lead to a bad user experience.

Companies perform (or should perform) the qualitative and quantitative analysis in user interface research, stressing the need for the development of a framework for consistency. User-centered application structure combined with interactive design models help in standardizing the user interface design. Having a strong expertise in translating business and technology concepts into interaction design is a key to improving user experience.