Digital Transformation: People

Digital Transformation

People help organizations gain competitive advantage by providing leadership, expertise and technical know how required for implementation of digitalization projects. Implementation plan also requires collaboration across cross-functional teams that may be impacted by the new digital strategy. People play a very crucial role in all the other Ps of Digital Transformation – People define Processes, People manage Projects, and People implement Platforms.

Even when the transformation process creates a cultural paradigm shift, it creates a new culture of participation and decision making. Leadership, executive decisions, stakeholder buy-ins, team work and individual contribution play a vital role in successful implementation of digital strategy. Within many organizations, the transformation projects redefine the organizational structures, and re-align new roles and responsibilities for the individuals. Adaption of new digital strategy requires transformation narratives through executive advocacy and a well-defined communication plan.

In one of the previous articles we addressed the need of Adaptive Strategy when there is a collision at the crossroads of business transformation and digital transformation.

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