Digital Re-Transformation

Challenges of Digital Transformation & Re-Transformation

Technology companies today are evolving at a much faster speed than the traditional businesses. There are hundreds of startup solutions that many of us may not be aware of as of yet. These companies are trying to simplify complex business processes and streamlining business models. The dilemma that many companies run into is, by the time they solve one business process by utilizing one solution a better and much optimized solution emerges from an unknown startup. Many companies have started shifting focus away from core business model, and have started focusing on re-solving or re-fixing the same business process every two to three years.

Scalability has become an issue. By the time the companies plan about expanding a scalable solution, a new technology or platform emerges. That leads the companies to go back to the drawing board again. This re-transformation of the same process again and again costs companies millions in terms infrastructure updates and resources allocation.

Where does this re-transformation end? How do we sub-modularize the re-transformation?

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Author: Jasbir Sandhu

Jasbir Sandhu

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