Digital Transformation: Framework

Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation? Is it a concept or a framework?

Improving operational efficiency, streamlining business process, and enhancing customer experience along with the re-alignment of new business strategy is a key driver of digital transformation. Digital transformation is not necessarily just for the revenue driven companies, but it is also for government initiatives and for improving human life. In a competitive landscape, businesses and governments have to transform and implement new digital technologies to generate value for the customer.

Digital Transformation is an overall framework that drives the digitalization of business process. People often get confused with digital transformation and re-platforming of existing systems or business applications. Re-platforming or adaption of new technologies without improving a business process does not mean transformation.

From an overall perspective, digital transformation implies digitalization of business process that improves efficiency, enhances end-to-end delivery process, boosts customer engagement, exceeds customer experience and delivers value. There is no single technology or platform that can bring complete transformation.

Emerging markets are re-shaping the user’s interaction with the technology and customer expectations. For the organizations to plan for digital transformation, the re-assessment of existing business process is the foremost critical step before the re-assessment of existing technology. People & Process have equal significance, as without People we cannot define the Process.

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