Share Economy

Shared Economy through Digital Platforms

Technology has created a new revenue distribution economy and business models that have lowered the entry barriers to sell directly to the customers. It provides an opportunity for participants to sell products, services or untapped inventories. By creating digital platforms for the mass to generate revenue, some companies continue to outpace traditional businesses with their exponential growth rate.

At the marketing core of these business models, the success is driven by multi-level or network marketing structure. The burden of corporate marketing shifts from these companies to the mass participants of these revenue model. To exceed in the performance ratings score, the participants contribute towards self marketing and improved service delivery. These companies end up acquiring or creating the customer base through the same participants of this shared revenue model.

The digital platforms that have succeeded in this type of business model are Uber, Airbnb, Amazon Marketplace & FBA, Google AdSense, Apple App Store, Android Play Store, etc.

These digital platforms also allow the participants to scale, and at the same time it allows the companies to readjust their profits through controlled revenue distribution plans.

Author: Jasbir Sandhu

Jasbir Sandhu

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