Digital Governance

Digital Governance: What is your strategy?

Digital technologies are built around the front-end user experiences. Taking agile approach into consideration, the successful digital initiatives occur through continuous iterative innovation processes by improving product capabilities in measured steps, over time.

Successful digital transformation requires strong and adaptive digital governance framework. Digital governance framework coupled with program management practices optimizes the organization’s digital initiative & transformation objectives.

The overarching goal of a digital leader is to create value for the organization through accountability. Effective governance requires decentralization of product management through distributed decision-making authority. In order to deliver value faster, in an agile environment the digital governance should have the ability to learn, adapt, sustain and respond quickly to new developments.

An effective digital governance model ensures the alignment of digital initiatives with an organization’s overall goals. Agile governance approach may require monitoring of projects around a broader spectrum, while allowing the agile teams to continue to innovate.

What is your Digital Governance Strategy? That is the question organizations need to address for successful implementation of digital transformation initiatives within an agile framework.

Author: Jasbir Sandhu

Jasbir Sandhu

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