Digital Transformation: Platform

Digital Transformation

The core foundation of successful digital transformation is Platform, a Platform that can fit within the existing IT infrastructure or that can integrate with the IT ecosystem.

Execution of digital strategy requires implementation of technical framework that can allow the business applications to be deployed and scaled. Success of digital strategy roadmap is dependent on the technical team, IT infrastructure, technologies, business applications, etc. CMOs rely heavily on the CIOs for the execution and implementation of digital strategy.

In a multi-layered system architecture, deployment of software applications are dependent on the underlying layer, where each layer acts as a Platform. Platform decision depends upon different layers of platform choices that includes hardware, web server applications, and software stack.

In one of the previous article we addressed that re-platforming or adaption of new technologies without improving a business process does not mean transformation. Platform acts as one of the enabler and accelerator of digital strategy. Business process improvement and the layer of software stack are the critical components of cohesive digital transformation execution strategy.

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